Simple Anthurium Cylinder Arrangement

Anthurium Arrangement with Two Cylinders

Time: 10 minutes and 37 seconds

In this demonstration, the tutor illustrates how you can create a simple yet effective corporate arrangement using minimal flower content with two cylinders. The arrangement is long lasting and effective in a corporate setting, for an event or in a welcome reception.

If you would like to recreate the arrangement, you will need:

1 Glass Cylinder Bowl 20cm x 10cm
1Glass Cylinder 25/30 x 12cm
1 Bouquet Holder (or alternative foam or chicken wire)
AssortmentLeftover flower stems (or alternative plant canes, bamboo sticks)
1 bunchBeargrass (or flexigrass, steel grass)
7-9 stems Anthurium
1 bunch Asparagus

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