Tablescape Foam-Free Mechanics

Table Scape Sustainable Mechanics

Time: | Season: All Year Round

Foam-free mechanics are an invaluable tool moving forward in a more sustainable floristry industry. Instead of the use of floral foam in spray trays or kasket trays down the centre of a table, you can use low window boxes, troughs or bulb bowls. These containers are versatile, reusable and act as a great receptacle water source.

If you find that the container you are using is too light in weight, you can add extra weight to the base of the container before adding the chicken wire and arranging the flowers into. This could include a pin holder, large stones, weight (garden) or even a brick.

You can add further anchorage to the container if you are concerned about the stability by using anchor tape (clear or green, depending on the container) at even intervals across the chicken wire.

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