Strelitzia Corporate Arrangement

Corporate Design with Strelitzia and Corylus

Time: 13 minutes and 33 seconds Season: All Year Round

In this demonstration, our tutor will demonstrate how to achieve a professional and stylish flower arrangement that is long lasting, low maintenance and thrives within a warmer, domestic environment. The design incorporates popular Strelitzia flowers, otherwise known as Bird of Paradise, with Corylus stems and greenery.

Including flowers in corporate and hospitality settings is important because they enhance the aesthetic appeal and ambiance, creating a welcoming and pleasant environment for clients and guests. For corporate clients, well-placed floral arrangements can project a professional image, boost employee morale, and impress visitors, contributing to a positive first impression and a conducive work atmosphere. Overall, flowers play a key role in reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and creating an inviting, elegant atmosphere that distinguishes corporate and hospitality spaces.

Tips: You can choose alternative flower varieties such as Ananas, Heliconia, Anthuriums, Calla Lilies and Alpinia flowers that would work beautifully within this composition and thrive within the same environments. Refer to our wholesale shop for more information on Tropical flower suggestions.

Should you wish to recreate the design, you will need the following:

QuantityEquipment/ Plant materials
1Pair of Scissors or Secateurs
1Vase of choice
3 stems Strelitzia
1/3 bunch Bear or steel grass
2-3 stems Fatsia Leaves
2 stems Corylus stems

Thank you for watching the demonstration. I hope that you enjoyed this lesson and gained insight into the benefits of incorporating tropical flowers within a corporate setting for your prospective clients.

If you have enjoyed this lesson, please feel free to share your feedback in the comments section and ask any questions you may have. We love to hear from our members! We look forward to seeing you again in the next demonstration soon.

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