Symmetrical Front Facing Basket

Symmetrical Front Facing Basket Design

Time: 28 minutes | Season: All Year Round

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create a Symmetrical Front Facing basket arrangement as a sympathy tribute. 

This design can be made from small-scale to large pedestal versions and the basics will allow you to create  your own version based on your brief. The overall look will differ depending on the materials you have used, including the colour palette and the flower varieties. The shape you are looking to achieve is a triangular shape. It is a graceful way to present a mass of flower material. 

Tips: You can use different types of greenery within the design. Popular types of greenery include soft ruscus, hard ruscus, leatherleaf, aspidistra leaves. All of the types mentioned are long lasting, good value for money and work well in foam arrangements. 

The greenery base can be made up in advance and stored for a couple of days before adding the flowers. This will work to your advantage if you have a busy schedule, especially during the build up to Christmas, creating wreaths alongside your general floristry. 

If you would like to recreate the following design, you will need:

QuantityEquipment / Plant Materials
1 pair Scissors or Secateurs
1 Round basket
1 Foam Brick
1 roll Anchor Tape
5 stems Lilies
7 stems Delphinium
1 bunch Aspidistra Leaves
1 bunch Soft Ruscus
5 stems Veronica Spray White
5 stems Carnation Pink
3 stems Lisianthus Purple

Thank you for watching this demonstration. Once you have mastered the skills and basic principles behind this design, you will find it relatively easy to recreate in different palettes and with different flower varieties. 

I hope that you have enjoyed watching this traditional arrangement and it has given you the confidence and skill to create your own. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the section below or share your images in the Community Facebook group. 

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