Sympathy Tribute Heart

Monochromatic Sympathy Heart

Time: 29 minutes and 17 seconds

In this lesson, you will gain an insight into how to create a monochromatic sympathy heart using a floral foam base. The tutor will demonstrate how to group the plant materials to create an aesthetically pleasing design.

In this demonstration, our tutor illustrates how to create a sympathy heart tribute using a beautiful monochromatic colour palette and a variety of different flower varieties. The lesson will touch on basic Elements and Principles of Design, leaf manipulation and information about the different flower varieties.

**Throughout the demonstration, the tutor mentions ‘Dracaena.’ This is an error and the name is ‘Cordyline Red Leaf.’

If you would like to recreate the flower arrangement, you will need:

5 stems Anthurium (Previa)
5 stems Gladioli
5 stems Ligustrum (or alternative i.e. Hypericum)
10 stems Cordyline (or alternative i.e. Dracaena)
10 stems Daucus Dara (or alternative i.e. Ammi Majus)
10 stems Mentha Jocka (or alternative i.e. Rosemary)
5 stems of Eupatorium
1 punnetCarpet Moss
1 pair Scissors and/or Secateurs
1 pack Stub Wire or mossing pegs (for hairpins)

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