Tapestry Spring Design

Step into Spring with this Tapestry Wreath

Time: 17 minutes and 54 seconds | Season: Spring (but use alternative flowers for year round)

Approx wholesale flower cost: £15-20

Crafting a pavé tapestry arrangement is an act of beauty and reverence, perfectly suited for expressing condolences. This tutorial will guide you through the thoughtful process of selecting and arranging flowers into a dense, patterned design. It’s a floral gesture that honours a life with dignity and grace.

This design was made popular by Michelle Skelton, a designer in New Zealand. Tapestry designs involve blocks of colour, texture and form that lead from one group to another. Typically there is little space between the elements, limited height and usually viewed from above.

Top Tips:

  • Select flowers with complementary hues for a soothing palette.
  • Maintain a uniform surface level for that classic pavé look.
  • Use floral adhesive to secure your design without damaging delicate petals.

If you would like to recreate this design, you will be able to view shopping list below:

QuantitiesEquipment / Plant Materials
1 10-12″ Posy Pad
1 reel Hessian Ribbon
1 Jam jar / pot (Small)
1 pair Scissors
1 bunch Muscari (blue)
1 roll Anchor tape and/or twine
3-5 stems Molucella
1 stem Hydrangea White
3-5 stems Chrysanthemum Code Green
1-2 stems Lisianthus Double White
5 stems Veronica Spray White
1-2 stems Eucalyptus Cinerea

We welcome you to share your pavé creations, ask questions for further guidance, and offer your own insights in our Facebook community group. Let’s support each other in crafting these heartfelt tributes.

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