Tapestry Wreath

Tapestry Posy Style Wreath

Time: 13 minutes and 45 seconds | Season: All Year round

Approx wholesale cost: £15 to £30 depending on type of flowers and time of year

In this video tutorial, our tutor will demonstrate how to create a tapestry or pave flower arrangement. This design was made popular by Michelle Skelton, a designer in New Zealand. Tapestry designs involve blocks of colour, texture and form that lead from one group to another. Typically there is little space between the elements, limited height and usually viewed from above.

The container and the mechanics of this design include a low container, such as seed boxes, foam rings, posy pads or plastic trays. The design is suited to any theme, either traditional or contemporary. It is important to note that all the plant materials used within the design have a similar life span and do not change their form within the composition.

Delightful as the design is, it is important to make note that the designs often use a greater abundance of plant materials due to the compact nature of the design. If you have any residual flowers in stock or off cuts, they can be used within the composition.

You can use other materials within the composition such as moss, sisal, fabric, shells, pebbles, dried seed pods and other dried materials to make the flowers go further and add additional texture to the overall composition.

Other techniques that can be used within this style of design include Palisades and Sheltering.

QuantityEquipment / Plant Materials
1Posy Pad 10-12″
1 piece Hessian Ribbon 50mm
8 – 10 stems Rose (Cappuccino)
3 stems Lisianthus (Rosanne Brown)
2 stems Viburnum Opulus
5 stems Clematis Kibo
1-2 bunches Hedera with berry
3 stems Hypericum Green
5 stemsGermini Pomponi Black Pearl
1 pair Scissors

Thanks for watching this tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed watching this video and can take away tips and advice to offer this style of design to your customers this season. 

Make sure to share your designs with us and our fabulous members of the academy on the Facebook group and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

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  1. Alison Kloppers on 13/09/2023 at 5:31 am

    Lovely! I enjoy watching this lady so much.

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