Technique using Chicken Wire

Time: 1 minute and 35 seconds

This lesson provides you with an insight into how to use chicken wire in a container or vessel. Chicken wire is your best friend, can be used time and time again and allows the blooms to drink naturally.

  • Choose a wire with large holes, about 5-8cm in diameter, as these will overlap and decrease once the wire has been folded into place.
  • Cut a square and fold it into a cushion shape, making sure the sharp edges are twisted in to prevent them from damaging the container. You might want to wear gloves as it can be sharp on your hands.
  • The size depends on the shape of your container or vessel and is usually a case of trial and error. Too much wire makes it difficult to get the flowers in, too little and it move around and won’t give any support.
  • Place the cushion of wire into the container. Depending on the type of arrangement that you are making, you may wish to fix it in with tape such as pot or anchor tape (+).
  • Use as little tape as possible and try to keep it inconspicuous, otherwise you will have to conceal it with flowers and greenery as you work.
  • If you are using wire in a clear glass container, a good trick is to line the container first with large simple leaves such as aspidistra, aspidistra print ribbon, material or a twist of trailing ivy to conceal the wire.
  • Fill the container with water. Now you can start creating your arrangements.

Have you used Chicken wire in your designs? Do you have any suggestions or top tips for your fellow members?

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