Theory of Shower Bouquet

Elements and Principles of Design for Shower Bouquet

Time: 14 minutes

Join in on the first of our series on How to Create a Shower Bouquet in a Foam Holder. In previous tutorials, we have focussed on How to create a natural cascading bouquet using no foam combining both traditional and modern methods.

This video tutorial will focus on the theory, Elements and Principles of Design on how to create a Shower Bouquet. Our tutor, Debbie will introduce the tools, equipment, types of bouquet holders, along with the Elements and Principles of Design applied to creating the design.

COMING SOON: We will then share with you, how to apply the theory to create the design from start to finish to help you create beautiful bouquets for prospective clients {date yet to be confirmed}.

For any questions, please type in the comment section or on our exclusive Facebook group. No question is a silly question, so please do not feel embarrassed to ask as many questions as you like and we will answer as quickly as possible!


  1. Angela king on 15/06/2022 at 2:42 pm

    This video on the theory of elements and design isn’t working

  2. zidane on 15/11/2022 at 6:31 am

    thank you for the information

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