Top Table Arrangement for Eco-conscious Brides

Time: 18 minutes and 54 seconds Season: All Year round

For eco-conscious couples, every detail of their wedding is an opportunity to reflect their values, including the floral arrangements. One beautiful and sustainable option for a top table arrangement is to use chicken wire mechanics paired with plant materials like roses and agapanthus. This method not only reduces the environmental impact but also creates a stunning and stable centrepiece. In this lesson, you will learn how you can craft an eco-friendly top table arrangement with our tutor, Debbie.

It is an incredibly popular design, especially in the wedding industry and covers elementary techniques that you can transfer into different disciplines and designs. This arrangement can be used to decorate the ceremony registry table, and transferred to the venue for the top table in the wedding reception. Although less work for yourself, this is a great tip to share with your couples to help them save money on their flowers. 

Refer to our Techniques section on how to create a moss roulade: Watch now (as well as other Sustainable videos on the platform: View now)

Top tips: This design can be adapted to suit the colour palette, theme, style of the event and season. You can choose a number of different flower varieties that will suit this style of design, however it is important to be mindful that softer flowers will need to be inserted closer to the event or water vials can be inserted into the moss to ensure hydration is maintained throughout the event.

If you would like to recreate the design, you will need the following:

QuantityPlant Materials / Equipment
1 pair Scissors
1 bunch Soft Ruscus
1 bunch Aspidistra Leaves
10 stems Agapanthus White
10 stems Rose
1-2 bunches Pistache
1 Spray Tray
1 rollChicken Wire
1 bag or punnet Moss
1 rollTwine

Thank you so much for watching this demonstration. I hope you have gained an insight into the stages and techniques involved in creating this popular flower arrangement. It goes without saying, if you have any questions at all about the demonstration, please do not hesitate to comment in the box below or post in the Facebook group. 

Thanks again for watching, I hope to see you again in the next demonstration. See you again soon, bye for now.

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