Wedding Arbor (Archway)

Wedding Archway for Ceremony or Reception

Time: 25 minutes, 44 seconds | Season: Year Round

Approx Wholesale Cost: £30-50 + labour mark up and delivery (adapt to suit the size / brief)

This design is incredibly popular for weddings; predictions for 2023 follow the phrase ‘bigger is better.’ Sweeping floor arrangements will peak, along with dramatic arrangement of different heights and vessels on tables. This floral arch creates a frame and anchors the ceremony aisle, ensuring all eyes are on the bride and groom. 

In the demonstration, our tutor illustrates the basic mechanics and techniques behind the construction of part of the design to create your own larger than life amazing designs for your clients. On this occasion, we have create the design using foam free methods with grave spikes in chicken wire.

This design is created in two separate ‘pillars’ and can be positioned on either side of an entrance of a church or venue. Alternatively you can use as a backdrop in the ceremony, behind the top table or cake table. This design is created with the intention not to be attached to one another, but you can connect if required.

Mechanics: On this occasion, we are using a stand / pole attached to a wooden base. Encase or wrap the chicken wire around the pole to create a roulade. If required you can secure the chicken wire at intervals with rope, twine or chicken wire to the structure. The grave spikes were fixed with the cable ties used; depending on the length you can wrap around the neck of the spike and attach to the structure or chicken wire, or drill a hole into neck of the grave spike and thread the cable tie through and attach to the structure or chicken wire.

Note: Unfortunately, we experienced a problem with one (front) camera towards the middle/ end of the demonstration so have used illustrations to highlight the compositions. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused on this occasion.

If you would like to re-create the design, you will need the following:

QuantityPlant Materials / Equipment
1 pair Scissors and Secateurs
1 reelChicken wire
3-4 Grave Spikes (or small buckets)
1 packCable ties
1-2 bunchesSoft Ruscus
1-2 bunchesEucalyptus
1 bunch Olive Branches
10 stems Rose
10 stems Clematis
15 stems Limonium

All of the equipment and plant materials, apart from the Chicken wire was sourced from Triangle Nursery wholesalers. Click here. You can also source from local wholesalers or florist.

For any comments, please do not hesitate to comment below or in the Facebook Group.


  1. Lisa Jessel on 11/03/2023 at 10:49 pm

    can you please confirm that the amounts of flowers that you have quoted are just for the small part of the arch that you have created..
    Also. how did you attach the funeral vases to your main post.
    if you are using this method outside the church, how do you join up the arch across the top?
    many thanks

    • Laura Kenny on 13/03/2023 at 1:33 pm

      Hi Lisa, Yes, I can confirm that the amount stated has only been used in the tutorial.

      For this style of arrangement, it has been created to ‘not connect’ with the other pillar, however if you wish to create a connecting archway, you could use a complete archway, wrapping the chicken wire around the structure and attaching the buckets or grave spikes in certain positions. This can easily be done with cable ties: Depending on the length of the cable ties, you can either wrap around the entire neck and attach or drill a hole through the container and secure.

      For the church, it will depend on the wall fixings that are in place, this can vary from church to church. You can either use a complete archway structure as stated and just place in front of the entrance, in some churches they have fixings such as hooks, rings, that you can attach chicken wire or foam netted garlands to (securing with cables ties or rope) or you could use lengths of salix or birch depending on the style of archway that you wish to create.

      I hope this helps

  2. Angela king on 12/03/2023 at 1:10 am

    Hi Debbie thanks for doing this archway it would be great if you could discuss in more detail your mechanics how you have made the stand how the grave spikes are attached and how you attached the chicken wire it’s a pity that the camera was at the wrong angle for so long during the tutorial

    Many thanks

    • Laura Kenny on 13/03/2023 at 1:24 pm

      Hello Angela, Thank you for your comment. I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed the video. We can only apologise for the errors that occurred with the recordings on this occasion. For the mechanics, very simply, we wrapped the chicken around the pole (you can use any type of flower archway) fixing it to itself. You could use further fixings such as cable ties to make sure it is secure in position depending on the time of year and weather (wind etc). We fixed the grave spikes to the chicken wire with cable ties also, just drill a hole through the container and attached to the chicken wire. It will depend on the type of archway that you have to how you would fix the buckets or grave spikes to the structure – there are some archways that conveniently allow you to slot them into position more easily. Hope this helps.

  3. Sharon Belton on 15/03/2023 at 6:20 pm

    Hi Debbie this is beautiful thank you for the tutorial. Do you sell stands like this one ?
    Couple of other questions if I may
    – I find that eucalyptus doesn’t last that long out of water so how far in advance would you do this ?
    – it was hard to see on the video but is the aim to get the rosé & clematis in the grave spikes ?

    Sustainable floral design at its best thank you 💚💐

    • Laura Kenny on 17/03/2023 at 8:42 am

      Hello Sharon,

      Thank you for your comments and for watching the video. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it and I agree, we are looking to continue more sustainable videos for our members.

      You are correct, Eucalyptus is not a hardy foliage, it loves water and thus, not always recommend for this type of work, however individuals absolutely love it and request it! I would always recommend to opt for a more hardy greenery with accents of Eucalyptus if required. If you were to use Eucalyptus, you could make up the day before, store in a cool, low lit environment ready for delivery the next day.

      Most of the fresh (bar the limonium) is in the grave spikes, however as mentioned in the video, if you are unable to position into the spike you can always use a water vial into the chicken wire or not in a water source. It would very much depend on how long you require the structure to last!

      We don’t sell this particularly stand, it is simply a pole on a wooden board. You can also purchase archway structures online, surprisingly there are a lot of companies that sell them!

      I hope this helps

  4. Val Hilton Val on 04/05/2023 at 6:56 am

    Thankyou Debbie would love to see more of these videos .

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