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Christmas Mantelpiece Arrangement

Create your own narrow presentation design for a mantelpiece! What better container to use than a log for a rustic, natural style.

Filled with traditional season greenery, velvet red roses and cones, this arrangement sets the scene for family gatherings, sharing memories of Christmases past and hope for those yet to come.


  • Woodpile Log Planter

  • Copper Mesh or Chicken wire

  • 1 pair of sharp Scissors

  • 7 stem of Red Roses 

  • A bunch of Pistache 

  • 1 bunch of Skimmia Kew Green

  • A small bunch of Blue Spruce

  • A few stems of Ilex (Holly)

  • A few stems of Viburnum Berries (alternative: Ilex Berries or Hypericum) 

  • 1 bunch of Conifer 

  • 2 x large cones (foraged or purchased) 

  • 1 mini pack of Stub wires 0.71 x 180mm


  1. Securely fasten the chicken wire/copper mesh into the container, using anchor tape for added security if necessary.
  2. Attach the two cones to the chicken wire securely with stub wires, trimming any excess wire, placing them off centre, and hide any mechanics with blue spruce, berries and Ilex
  3. Place an assortment of foliage either side of the cones ensuring a good balance of colour and texture.
  4. Continue adding foliage until all space is filled.
  5. Finish the design by placing the Roses in groups. I did two groups of two and one group of three.

Top Tips

  • Make sure the container is water tight before commencing
  • Make up design on a suitable surface….it can be messy!
  • It is important to remove the design from its placement before watering
  • Remove the design overnight into a colder environment to prolong its shelf life
  • Finally, the fresh roses will fade before the foliage, so remove any faded blooms and continue to enjoy the foliage, or add more blooms if desired

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