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Top 10 Flowers for Beautiful Installations Without Water

Joseph Massie, one of Britains leading florists provides you with a list of flowers that can easily be used within installations without water for 12 hours or more.

He launched a Youtube Video sharing tips and tricks for floral designs out of water featuring a selection of Maginpar's portfolio.

What are Waterless Flowers?

'Waterless Flowers' refers to plant material that will last spectacularly well out of water.

It enables florists to use plant materials in installations, such as archways, suspended clouds and arbors that will hold up well and look aesthetically pleasing to guests.

Not every flower is suitable to use for this 'waterless' purpose.

Here are the 5 of the waterless flowers mentioned in Joseph's Youtube video 

  1. Scutellaria Tinkerbell
  2. Agapanthus Gletsjer
  3. Clematis Amazing Kibo
  4. Limonium China White
  5. Solidago Carzan Glory

Have you created a design or installation with any of the above waterless flowers?

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