Flower Guide for Peonies Peonies are sought after for their shape, petal formation and fragrance for the everyday consumer and wedding or event floristry. They truly are an opulent and luxurious seasonal bloom. Peonies have long been cultivated with care in walled gardens and epitomise that full-blown English garden look. These large beautiful blossoms work well…

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Flower Guide Tulips

Flower Guide for Tulips Tulips are sought after for their unique shape, feel good factor and association with Spring for everyday consumers and wedding floristry. These colourful blooms are commonly displayed as a mono-botanical in a vase arrangement. They are frequently used in mixed spring arrangements, hand-tie bouquets, landscape, vegetative, and botanical design styles. Common…

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Flower Guide for Roses Roses are considered to be one of the most popular flowers around the world. They are used in a wide range of floral designs, bouquets, and arrangements, as well as corsage and wedding flowers. Roses are multi petaled blooms available in a wide range of colours, head sizes and stem lengths.…

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Hydrangea Flower Guide

Flower Guide for Hydrangea There is nothing shy about Hydrangea. They have enormous mass flower heads with beautiful star shaped flower petals that create coloration and textural interest in large arrangements. One of the most popular blooms for wedding and events, for large floral displays and gift bouquet work. Common Name(s): Hydrangea Botanical Name(s): Hydrangea…

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Flower Guide Eryngium

Flower Guide for Eryngium Eryngium is a favoured choice among floral artisans as a versatile filler flower. It adds great visual interest to both fresh or dried arrangements and compliments almost all colour palettes. Eryngium thistles are particularly popular for Scottish weddings. Common Name: Eryngium, Eryngo or Sea Holly Botanical Name: Eryngium (e-RIN-jee-um) Botanical Facts:…

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Flower Guide for Gerbera Gerbera are a staple in a florist workshop. They are a flowering perennial plant related to the sunflower and attracts birds, bees and butterflies. Gerberas are actually a type of Daisy (Asteraceae), and are one of the most popular flowers to buy due to their bright color and longevity. A wonderful and colorful…

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Flower Guide for Delphinium Nothing quite beats the drama of delphiniums. Delphiniums are in the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae). Delphinium are hugely popular for wedding, event and gift floristry. The opulent, towering spikes are wonderful for massed arrangements and garden designs. They are probably best known for their vivid sapphire blue shades, but they also come…

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