Christmas Flower Tutorials

Discover our resource library of hands-on demonstrations videos, photographs and guides to enjoy at your own pace on Seasonal Flower Guides.

The videos will provide you with an insight into the style of teaching and industry knowledge of our tutors on the Academy of Flowers. Each month, new videos will be added to each library (discipline) on the website. Requests are welcome, please email or message through Facebook social media.

Corporate Topiary Tree

Learn how to make a topiary tree with corylus stems and different red plant materials to create a statement design. This design is ideal for autumn or winter seasons, as well as Christmas.

Seasonal Basket Arrangement

Learn how to make a beautiful seasonal gift and it is a highly popular style that can be adapted to budget and occasion. Useful tips and tricks available!

Festive Garland with Salix Base

20 mins, 45 secs: Create a beautiful garland with blue spruce and seasonal flowers for your festive decorations.

Drying Fruit for Designs

Drying fruit for floral designs is popular at Christmas and other annual holidays. Discover the best ways to dry for your own floral designs.

Christmas Dining Table Arrangement

30 mins, 44 secs: Past Archive demonstration on how to make a festive crate arrangement. Adapted to other special occasions.

Christmas Garland

Learn how to create a festive greenery garland this Christmas to adorn a stair banister, mantlepiece or the centre of a table.

Winter 2021

Challenge #2 Winter 2021 With Christmas just around the corner, wreath making is the perfect…

Christmas Moss Base

How to Create a Moss Base on Wire Frame Time: 8 minutes and 6 seconds…

Preserved Christmas Wreath

Learn how to create a unique and unusual Christmas Wreath for the festive season with on-trend dried and preserved foliage and accessories

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