Downloadble PDF Templates

Here, we have supplied you with useful and handy downloadable PDF templates and resources facilitate your work and support your learning with us at the Academy of Flowers. All of the templates can be downloaded and used time and time again.

All of the templates have been created using Learn how to use the platform on the Academy under Social Media.

In this section, you will need a number of templates for care and conditioning, tool checklists and a flower A-Z glossary to provide an overview of the flower seasons.

Essential Tools Kit Checklist

Flower Seasons List

Grade Sheet (Florismart)

Conditioning Guide

Stem Type Care Guide

Common Problems

In this section, you will find templates to support you whilst planning for an up and coming event or wedding for a client. We will provide you with useful tools to help with the preparation.

On-site Venue Planning

Example Stem Calculator

Wedding Bouquet Checklist

In this section, we will provide you with useful admin office forms to help you to organise and plan for up and coming jobs. This includes Wedding, Gift Work (i.e. Bouquets) and Funeral Tribute Forms.

Wedding Enquiry Form

Bouquet Order Form

Funeral Order Form

Buying Sheet

Time Management

Weekly Planner

Flower Wrap Sizes 

Goal Setting & Planning

Traditional Wedding Anniversaries

Astrological Birth Flowers

Basic A-Z Floristry Dictionary

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