Flower Tutorials: 10-20 minutes

Discover our resource library of hands-on demonstrations videos, photographs and guides to enjoy at your own pace on timed 10-20 minutes only.

The videos will provide you with an insight into the style of teaching and industry knowledge of our tutors on the Academy of Flowers. Each month, new videos will be added to each library (discipline) on the website. Requests are welcome, please email info@trianglenurseryacademy.com or message through Facebook social media.

Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

11 mins: Learn the steps involved in creating a bridal bouquet with Colombian hydrangea and grass, along with how to finish the handle with ribbon and pearl headed pins.

Analogous Natural Wreath

19 mins: Learn how to create a circular funeral tribute in a pre made base with analogous coloured flowers. This design employs eco friendly mechanics and is out of water.

Strelitzia Corporate Arrangement

13 mins, 33 secs: Learn how to make an impressive tropical corporate display for an office setting, in a restaurant or hotel lobby. The design incorporates minimal plant materials, and is long lasting and low maintenance for your clients.

Hand tied bouquet in Fish Bowl

19 mins: Learn how to make a decorative arrangement in a fish bowl container for a gift or corporate setting. This colour palette is classic and design is versatile.

Top Table Arrangement for Eco-conscious Brides

18 mins, 54 secs: Learn how to create a top table arrangement for a wedding using sustainable mechanics for the eco-conscious couples getting married. Learn the mechanics and techniques involved in creating an aesthetically pleasing design.

Getting to Grips with Gypsophila

17 mins: Learn techniques involved in creating a hand tied bouquet, a jam jar and garland with the ever-popular whimsical flower, Gypsophila!

Dried Flower Arrangement

15 mins: Learn how to make a dried flower arrangement that is everlasting – low maintenance and trendy! Ideal for gift bouquets and wedding designs!

Tapestry Spring Design

17 minutes: Learn how to make a tapestry pavé arrangement using seasonal Spring flowers.

Spring Hiking Boots

Learn how to make this funeral tribute using an unusual container. This unique design is a fitting tribute to a dog walker, hiker and so forth. By using items that belonged to the deceased is an extra special way to personalise a floral tribute.

Hanging Spring Basket

Learn how to make a spring wreath to hang or to display as a table centrepiece or on a coffee table. This design is eco-friendly and great for a gift idea!

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