Flower Tutorials: 10-20 minutes

Discover our resource library of hands-on demonstrations videos, photographs and guides to enjoy at your own pace on timed 10-20 minutes only.

The videos will provide you with an insight into the style of teaching and industry knowledge of our tutors on the Academy of Flowers. Each month, new videos will be added to each library (discipline) on the website. Requests are welcome, please email info@trianglenurseryacademy.com or message through Facebook social media.

Complementary Eco Funeral Wreath

Learn how to make an eco-friendly funeral tribute with complementary colours. Flowers include roses and cymbidium orchids.

Eco Topiary Amaryllis Bowl

Learn how to create an eco-friendly arrangement with the impressive trumpet shaped amaryllis stems. This can be made with fresh or artificial stems.

Tulips Wrapped in Fish Bowl

Learn how to make a seasonal arrangement using popular tulips. This arrangement is simple, yet effective within the right setting; a corporate event, table centrepiece for wedding or as a gift!

Seasonal Weaved Vase

Impactful and full of colour; this tutorial covers how to elevate the vase using a weaving technique and create a design fit for a corporate setting to capture the season and leave a lasting impression!

Corporate Topiary Tree

Learn how to make a topiary tree with corylus stems and different red plant materials to create a statement design. This design is ideal for autumn or winter seasons, as well as Christmas.

Architectural Pandanus Gift

20 mins: Loose, natural styled arrangement with decorative pandanus cube vase and caging. Ideal for a gift, corporate or wake.

Suspended Chandelier

18 mins, 30 secs: Learn the mechanics and techniques involved in creating a simple suspended chandelier with fresh foliage, flowers and artificial.

Contemporary Minimalist Arrangement

15 mins: With just two flower varieties you can create spectacular designs for your corporate clients. Learn how to create this minimalist, long lasting flower arrangement and expand your professional portfolio with this great floral composition.

Eco Wedding Centrepiece in Birdcage

20 mins; Learn how to create a wedding centrepiece in a decorative bird cage. This design is eco-friendly and sustainable using chicken wire.

Novelty Handbag

20 mins, 32 secs: Learn how to make an interpretative and novel handbag design for a wedding, corporate launch or funeral design. This design uses a number of different techniques to construct a unique and innovative composition.

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