Flower Tutorials: Over 20 minutes

Discover our resource library of hands-on demonstrations videos, photographs and guides to enjoy at your own pace on timed videos over 20 minutes only.

The videos will provide you with an insight into the style of teaching and industry knowledge of our tutors on the Academy of Flowers. Each month, new videos will be added to each library (discipline) on the website. Requests are welcome, please email info@trianglenurseryacademy.com or message through Facebook social media.

Boho Top Table Arrangement

Learn how to make a top table wedding arrangement using protea and other flowers in a bohemian theme and colour palette.

Mossed Heart Wreath

Learn how to make a mossed funeral tribute in a heart shape complete with a floral accent. This design is versatile and can be used as a funeral tribute or a wreath for a door.

Aisle Florals

Learn how to make eco-friendly aisle floor florals for an upcoming wedding or event. Popular and trendy, line the aisles with seasonal florals to make an impact for the newlyweds!

Seasonal Basket Arrangement

Learn how to make a beautiful seasonal gift and it is a highly popular style that can be adapted to budget and occasion. Useful tips and tricks available!

Symmetrical Front Facing Basket

28 mins: Learn how to make an elemental technique, symmetrical front facing design. You will learn the steps involved and top tips throughout the demonstration.

Eco Mantlepiece Arrangement

30 mins: Learn how to make a lavious mantlepiece design for a wedding or event with the guidance from our experts. The design adopts an eco friendly ethos.

Double Ended Spray with Oriental Lilies

23 mins, 45 secs: Learn the theory, techniques and preparation involved in creating a double ended spray with oriental lilies and greenery.

Waterfall Contemporary Arrangement

22 mins, 24 secs: Learn how to create an eye-catching, impactful waterfall arrangement for prospective clients or competition work.


Eco-Friendly Two Tiered Centrepiece

Wedding Centrepiece using Eco-friendly mechanics Time: 33 minutes and 40 seconds | Season: All year…


Grouped Corporate Design

22 mins: Learn how to create a tropical Summery corporate arrangement uses Strelitzia, calla lilies and alstroemeria in a grouped fashion. Bird of paradise is perfect for Summer months!

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