Academy of Flowers

Mood Boosting Plants

Learn more about how plants can impact and improve your mental health, especially working from home and during the winter months.

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Fragrant Flowers

Fragrance is very evocative. Such flowers are popular to use for important events in our lives such as weddings, special occasions and funerals. Discover a range of different aromatic blooms.

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Flower Stem Types

Learn the different flower stem types and flower varieties to support your practical working with the different flowers.

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Foraging Greenery for Designs

There is an amazing wealth of foliage varieties to choose from when selecting suitable greenery for your designs.

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Environmental Conditions

It is vital to care for your flowers properly before creating your designs to maximise the shelf life and obtain value for money. There are many factors involved including environmental.

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Drying Fruit for Designs

Drying fruit for floral designs is popular at Christmas and other annual holidays. Discover the best ways to dry for your own floral designs.

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Can Ethylene Gas Damage My Flowers?

Can Ethylene Gas damage the flowers? Learn more about the Ethylene gas and how to avoid on our latest blog.

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Conditioning Priority

When you are faced with a huge workload, it can sometimes feel overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. Caring properly for your flowers when they arrive is one of the most important factors to consider.

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Transporting Wedding Flowers

The transportation of wedding flowers is very important. Find top tips for different styles of arrangements to make the journey as stress freee as possible.

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How to Gain Reviews from your Customers

It is important to under the difference between reviews and testimonials. Here are top tips on how to turn sales into reviews

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