Contemporary Copper Framework

19 mins, 25 secs: Learn how to create a unique design this autumn using copper wire as an integral part of the composition. Can be used for competition or corporate work.

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Autumn Wreath

16 mins: Learn how to create an autumnal flower wreath using dried flowers. This design adopts eco-friendly mechanics and techniques. Get in practice now ahead of wreath making for Christmas!

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Tapestry Wreath

13 mins, 43 secs: Tapestry or pave designs involve a block of colour, texture and form that lead from one group to another. Learn how to create this design incorporating autumnal seasonal flower varieties and textures.

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Autumnal Funeral Sheaf

21 mins, 30 secs: Learn how to create an autumnal funeral sheaf, tied bouquet with the help of our tutor. You will learn the tools, mechanics and techniques involved in creating this popular funeral design.

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Grouped Corporate Design

22 mins: Learn how to create a tropical Summery corporate arrangement uses Strelitzia, calla lilies and alstroemeria in a grouped fashion. Bird of paradise is perfect for Summer months!

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Downward Crescent

25 mins, 56 secs: Learn how to make an attractive front facing downward crescent for any occasion. It can be created in different colour schemes and positioned on a tall container to give impact.

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Eco-Friendly Two Tiered Centrepiece

Wedding Centrepiece using Eco-friendly mechanics Time: 33 minutes and 40 seconds | Season: All year round In this demonstration, our tutor will show you how to create a wedding centrepiece with two tiers in a classic white and green colour palette using eco-friendly mechanics. Within the demonstration, you will learn how to construct the mechanics,…

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Gift Wrapping

9 mins: Learn the simple techniques of gift wrapping plants. A great way to enhance a product in your shop window or to share on your social media to entice customers to buy your products.

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Novelty Handbag

20 mins, 32 secs: Learn how to make an interpretative and novel handbag design for a wedding, corporate launch or funeral design. This design uses a number of different techniques to construct a unique and innovative composition.

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Eco Wedding Centrepiece in Birdcage

20 mins; Learn how to create a wedding centrepiece in a decorative bird cage. This design is eco-friendly and sustainable using chicken wire.

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Interpretative Pineapple Tribute

22 mins; Learn how to make an interpretative funeral tribute in the shape of a pineapple. The tutorial provides you with an insight into the steps and techniques involved in creating the design.

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Contemporary Minimalist Arrangement

15 mins: With just two flower varieties you can create spectacular designs for your corporate clients. Learn how to create this minimalist, long lasting flower arrangement and expand your professional portfolio with this great floral composition.

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Wedding Bouquet using Chicken Wire

30 mins; Learn how to create an unstructured natural bouquet using chicken wire mechanics instead of free-hand. Learn the benefits of using this useful skill in your wedding work.

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Curvilinear Wreath Tribute

22 mins; Learn how to construct a curvilinear design for a funeral tribute using memory lane roses, gypsophila and pearls.

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Pedestal Arrangement with Anthuriums

30 mins, Learn the fundamental techniques of how to create a pedestal arrangement in classic tones of green and white with our tutor for a corporate event. Flowers include Hydrangea and Anthuriums.

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Suspended Dried Installation

16 mins. Are you hosting a dinner party or an event planner that has requests from clients? Learn the mechanics, techniques and plant materials required to create this suspended installation that can be repurposed after use.

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Sympathy Gift Posy

Learn how to create a domed posy to gift a friend or colleague when words are not enough. Ideal as a sympathy gift, birthday or anniversary present.

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Gypsophila Funeral Tribute

Basing with gypsophila, or otherwise known as Baby breath is a popular if the customers brief is to avoid the standard double white chrysanthemums.

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Flower Canopy for Weddings & Events

Learn how to create a suspended flower canopy with wired flowers for a spectacular wedding or event. Ideal for the entrance hall, over the tables or in the ceremony room. This transforms a blank canvas!

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Corporate Inverted Alliums

Words to describe this design include sophisticated and sleek. This design incorporates popular late Spring, Summer flowers to create an inverted contemporary corporate design. Ideal for hotel lobby, board room or event with plenty of air flow!

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Preserved Moss Wall Art

Create a unique, imaginative gift for your clients, whether it be a fun decoration or corporate brand message! This great design can be used with fresh, preserved or dried moss and other decorations.

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Funeral Lettering Basing

Learn fundamental skills on how to prep, base and add a flower spray to a single letter ‘M’ with our tutor. This is an introduction into funeral floristry and one of the most popular designs to construct!

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Circular Crescent Table Centrepiece

Bohemian style wedding centrepiece ideal for trestle table. Using a circular metal stand to create a semi-crescent arrangement for a wedding or event centrepiece, compliment cake or accessory or on a larger scale as a pedestal. This design is versatile and popular!

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Minimalist Oval Cymbidiums

Learn how to create a spectacular design for a corporate workplace setting with just one flower, the cymbidium orchid. Great design to add to your portfolio!

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Spring Wreath

Wreaths are not just for Christmas. A good creative outlet for yourself or to host a workshop with friends, family or clients. Offer to clients to welcome guests into the home and new beginnings.

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