Sustainable Flower Tutorials

Discover our resource library of hands-on demonstrations videos, photographs and guides to enjoy at your own pace on Eco-friendly Flower Arrangements. All of the tutorials demonstrate how to adapt your designs using eco-friendly techniques, mechanics and materials.

The videos will provide you with an insight into the style of teaching and industry knowledge of our tutors on the Academy of Flowers. Each month, new videos will be added to each library (discipline) on the website. Requests are welcome, please email or message through Facebook social media.

Fashion Necklace and Corsage

48 mins, 44 secs: Past Archive on how to make a fashionable necklace and corsage inspired by fashion week

Wedding Bouquet with Tulips & Gypsophila

4 mins, 39 secs: Past Archive demonstration on how to make a simple bridal bouquet with gypsophila and tulips for Spring wedding.

Blooming Wellington Boots

28 mins, 22 secs: Past Archive demonstration on how to make fun, sustainable flower arrangement for wedding or event in Spring.

Sustainable Floristry

Tips on Going Green

The heart of floristry is our love for working with nature. More than ever, it is important for us to change and adapt to protect the planet…

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